21 February 2017

Travel to San Diego

John picked us up at 8:10 for our 9:40 flight to Chicago. I checked the weather forecast and the highs for SD and DsM should be roughly the same for the next few days. Then DsM is supposed to get 1-3” of snow on Friday. That won’t happen in SD.  J

47 minutes to Chicago, 1:30 hour layover in Chicago, then 4 hours and we’re in San Diego! We got an Uber Pool ride that we shared with another woman. While we were enroute, the woman told us about a farmers market on Wednesdays that would be a couple blocks from our AirBnB place. She was in town to dog-sit for her daughter and knew the area well.

Our AirBnB host left the key for us outside so we could let ourselves in. We did and met Khalid in the kitchen making a very fragrant dish in a wok on the stove. We dropped our bags and went out for a walk. We started by going to the end of Narragansett…literally. The road ends less than a block from our place at a cliff to the ocean.
We walked the other way on Narragansett to Bacon St then 2 blocks over to Niagara, which leads out onto the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier. The pier opened in 1966 and goes 1971 feet out into the ocean, then branches…the south wing is another 360 feet; the north wing is 193 feet. It’s the second longest pier on the west coast…the Santa Cruz pier is the longest at 2745 feet. The OB pier is the longest concrete pier in the world. No fishing license required to fish off the pier. There are restrooms and little café just before you get to the branch.

 Entrance to Ocean Beach Pier.

We walked out to the café for supper…lobster tacos, slaw and clam chowder in a bread roll. Yum!! Awesome sunset, too.

  The Walking on Water Cafe, Ocean Beach Pier

We walked back along the sea wall to our home-away-from-home for the next few days. I got wi-fi set up on my phone and looked up a place to get some groceries within walking distance. About 4 blocks from our place, we found a liquor store (wine for $3.25/bottle, Tisdale). About half a block from the liquor store was an Appletree Market…that turned out to be closed. Across the street from there was the Supermax (kind of like a Dollar Store) where we got toothpaste (forgot to pack it) and couldn’t get milk because they were out. So we went back to the liquor store, which also had milk, and got it there.

Walked back to our place, opened the wine, and watched some NetFlix.

By then, our host had returned…Abdullah. He’s taking care of the place and dogs while our host is off on her honeymoon…5 months in southeast Asia.