24 February 2017

Balboa Park

We slept in a bit, then pretty much our usual vacation morning. We decided we’d leave between 9 and 9:30 to walk to Mitch’s for brunch. I looked up the directions in Google Maps and it should be a 50-minute walk. We arrived at Mitch’s with 5 minutes to spare before they switched to the lunch menu at 10:30. When I checked their menu on line earlier, it didn’t say anything about breakfast hours. Whew!

We ordered the crabcake eggs benedict and another thing I’d never heard of. We sat outside along the railing looking over the marina. I saw a harbor seal swimming amid the boats. Al saw a ray or halibut (something flat) swimming along the bottom.

It took a while for the food to arrive but we didn’t care. Keenan was spot on about the crabcake benedict. It was to die for. Just the crabcake was phenomenal. It was the best crabcake I’ve ever had. The other thing was strips of fried tortilla with chili powder coating, topped with egg, crème fraisch. It was good, but totally eclipsed by how killer the benedict was.

After eating, we caught an Uber to Balboa Park. We bought an ‘explorer pass’ which got us access to up to 5 of the museums on the grounds. We started with the Natural History Museum, then the San Diego Museum of Art, then Museum of Man, then the Air & Space Museum. We would have tried to squeeze in a 5th museum but the Air & Space Museum was so awesome that we stayed there until they kicked us out

We Ubered back to the house with very tired feet. We rested a bit then headed out for supper. We ended up at Pepe’s Italian on Sunset Cliffs Blvd, just off Narragansett. It was our kind of place!  It’s a little hole in the wall with about 10 tables and looked to be family-run.

I had a calzone that was killer. The bread was chewy/flakey and delicious. The ricotta, spinach, onion, and sausage filling was very tasty too. Al had a pasta dish with shrimp, red sauce and black olives; also very good. The garlic bread that they just bring you was made with butter and chunks of fresh garlic. The parmesan cheese shakers on the tables had real parm…not the tasteless powder from a can. All in all, a great place!

After dinner, we walked on to Newport street then back to Beach Sweets for dessert. I got a couple of milk chocolate covered orange creams that were really awesome and a dark chocolate covered toffee. Al got a couple pieces of fudge.

Back at the house, we chilled. There was supposed to be another party coming in today but we haven’t seen them. We hardly ever see Abdullah or Khalid. The dogs (Charlotte and Jacques) are very friendly and an easy way for us to get our dog fix without Riley.