28 February 2017

Lunch w/ Ilo

It was raining pretty hard when I got up around 8. The sun came out mid-morning. We picked up Aunt Ilo for lunch and went to Mammoth Mining Restaurant near Apache Junction, at the feet of Superstition Mt. We walked around the mining town after lunch but it kept raining off and on.

We took Ilo back to her house and stayed to visit a bit. On the way back to K’s, we stopped at Fry’s  Market to pick up supper supplies…pork chops, brats, yams, asparagus. K and I prepped stuff…boiled asparagus, nuked yams, rubbed pork. We then grilled everything and sat down to eat about the time the ISU game started. ISU won! Leaving them in uncontested 2nd place in the conference.

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017
I had an alarm set for 8:30 but woke up at 6:30 and didn’t go back to sleep, so I got up around 7. I showered, made tea and read the paper until Al got up around 8 and K shortly after that.