25 February 2017

Last SD walk, on to Phoenix

The only thing different about this morning is that we packed up and cleared out our room. Check out time is noon but our plane doesn’t leave until 7:30 pm so we worked out with the hosts that we’d be out of the room on time but leave our bags in the living room so that we didn’t have to carry them around all day.

We walked to Dog Beach…about 20 minutes. We watched the surfers dotting the waves and people playing volleyball. There were about 50 courts…maybe 10 of them had games in progress.

We walked back to the pier and out to the far end. It was a sunny Saturday and there were a lot of people fishing…pretty  much all of them ignoring the posted “1 pole per person” rule.

We left the pier and wandered among the bars on Newport, looking for a place to watch the ISU game. We ended up at Newport Pizza & Ale House. They had New York style pizza with a really tasty and great crust. We were early for the ISU game so we watched the end of the West Virginia v Texas Christian game. ISU won over Baylor by 3!

We left the bar at walked to the coffee trailer in Point Loma where I’d gotten the latte on our first day. We both got coffee drinks then walked back to the tidepool area by the pier for low tide (4:09pm). We saw crabs, small fish, tons of black mussel-like things and many, many anemones.

We walked out to the pier café for a supper of fish and chips. By then, it had gotten really cloudy. As we were walking toward the pier, I heard a bullhorn telling a surfer to stay put, rescue was on the way. A lifeguard in red shorts…no wetsuit…was paddling out on a board. He paddled out to a guy in a wetsuit with a board who was close to the pier pilings. The guy didn’t look to be in distress or anything. All we could figure was that he was just too close to the pier and it wasn’t safe.

The guard paddled the guy to shore, then went back for his board. As he was paddling to shore for the second time, I noticed the skin on his back was red. With the cold water, no wetsuit and the wind, he had to be freezing.

The fish and chips were good. The fish, especially, had a wonderful crispy coating that wasn’t thick or bready. The fries were limp and soggy…I didn’t eat them. Al had a platter of fried shrimp and fish with onion rings instead of fries. They had the same light, crispy coating as the fish and were far better than the fries.

Back at the house, we drank the last of the wine, called Uber, then went outside to wait. Our flight to Phoenix was less than an hour…we’d just gotten our drinks when the plane started descent. Keenan picked us up at Sky Harbor and took us back to his place. We crashed.