06 May 2012

Night Bazaar

Our group spent a lot of evenings at the night bazaar. We'd usually walk there together and then people would go wherever their interests took them and go back to the hotel by tuk-tuk or truck when they'd had enough.

There are all kinds of places to eat so people can get whatever they want. One night I ate at the food court. In this area, the vendors don't accept cash. You have to go to a ticket booth and buy tickets. For example, I gave the ticket person 100 baht and she gave me a booklet of coupons worth 5, 10 or 20 baht.

You can go to any of the vendors and pick out what you want, then pay with the tickets. If you have any tickets left, you take them back to the ticket booth and they'll give you bahts back for them. I don't know why they do it this way, they just do. Food vendors in other parts of the market take cash.

There are services you can get...foot massage, tailoring, etc. One of the weirdest was one where there are tanks of these little fish, a little bigger than minnows. You put your feet into the tank and the fish nibble off the dead skin. Lora says they're more active at the beginning of the evening when they're not so full. Some of the girls were having their feet nibbled as we walked by and said it felt like when your foot has gone to sleep and then woken up...that pins-and-needles sort of thing. I had a blister on one toe and didn't want to expose it to whatever was in the water so I passed.

There are also a lot of bars and entertainment...Thai boxing (more like mixed martial arts) and cabaret shows. The cabaret shows are men dressed up as very beautiful (mostly) women, lip synching to America music. The cocktail servers are off-duty performers. We ended up at a free show one night. The show is free but you're required to buy a drink. They only had beer or hard liquor, neither of which I drink, so I left when they hassled me about buying something.