14 May 2012


May 14, 2012 is now a red letter day. It's red-letter status starts with Lora, Virginia, and I deciding to have an "adults' night out" for dinner. Some of the kids raved about the pizza at Cha Am Pizza the night before so we decided to try it.

I know...I said I wasn't going to eat any Western food on this trip. I rationalized by saying that it was Thai pizza...not the same as home pizza.

So, we found the place and decided on the number 10...chicken, red bell pepper, onion and pineapple. It had just a sprinkle of cheese on it (dairy products are definitely NOT Asian...) and a smear of tomato sauce with some interesting seasonings in it. The crust was phenomenal...it was 'thick' but very light and airy with a wonderful crispness to the bottom of it. Does that sound American???

But back to red-lettering... they basically had beer or water to drink and I was so heartily sick of drinking nothing but water for the last 2+ weeks that I ordered a Chang...a Thai lager beer. Not only did I order it, I drank it...all of it. Making this the first time in my life I'd ever drunk a beer.

I'd tasted beers before, but I'd never gotten past a sip or two because they always tasted like...well...beer.

I can't say I really enjoyed this beer and would like more of them...but it wasn't horrible. So May 14 is now my beeriversary.

I celebrated my first beer by stopping at the drink bug on the way back to the hotel. The drink bug is a hot pink VW van that's been converted to a moveable bar. The kids told us about last night. It pulls into town and parks on some street then opens the side counter/window and is open for business. They had all kinds of mixed and blended drinks and smoothies. You could stay there and drink it (glass glass) or take it away (plastic cup).

A margarita sounded like just the thing to take to my room and sip while knitting so I got one to go. (80 baht...about $2.50) It came in a plastic cup with a lid and straw and a little paper umbrella and was way tasty. MUCH better than the beer...