10 May 2012

Baifern Ant Story

The Baifern is a B&B kind of place. It's owned by a Thai woman and her Australian husband. Actually, the husband is not really an owner. Non-Thais can't own property in Thailand. It's a very charming, homey place. We have most of the rooms but there are some other guests here as well.

My room had several glass doors that opened onto a balcony which overlooked the front gardens and a ruins park across the street.

The bathroom was really a bath room. It had a toilet and sink, but the room itself was the shower stall. There was an on-demand water heating unit on the wall connected to the shower head next to it. It felt really weird to have water spraying uncontained in the bathroom but that's the way it was designed to work.

I showered when we got there after the train ride from Ayutthaya and hung my towel in the bathroom before we left to tour ruins.

It was so miserably hot and oppresively humid while were touring ruins that I took another shower before bed. I used the same towel as I had in the morning.

However, what I didn't realize was that in the meanwhile, the towel had become completely infested with these teeny, tiny ants that were almost translucent. Oh, and they bite like fire ants.

I figured this out when I started toweling off after my shower and my upper torso was suddenly on fire. I tossed the towel and got back into the shower to wash off the ants. I was not a happy camper for a while.

I discovered that they were in my suitcase, too. I pulled out a white jacket and could see lots of them. I really kind of freaked out then. I talked to Bernie about the best way to deal with them and he gave a spray can of some sort of insecticide.

I'd be a failure as a Buddhist...I really wanted to kill the little buggers. (and did)