10 May 2012


We arrived around 6 am and were met by Natalie and a double-decker bus. We checked into the Baifern Homestay, showered, changed and regrouped at 9 to See Stuff.

We first went to the Summer Palace, built by Rama IV (curent king is Rama IX). It's unusual in that it's built in European architectural style.

Then we saw several temples as well as some ancient ruins. The ruins made me a little sad. I had seen most of them when I was here in 2006 and remembered the ruins as standing amid beatiful green space.

However the massive flooding last October had all of Ayutthaya under water for 2 months. They were still cleaning up some parts and many of the ruin areas were off limits because they afraid some of prangs and chedis would collapse.

Still, you could get a feel for the age of the place...some of the ruins date back 700 years, to the time Thailand became a unified country. At the time, it was called Siam.