18 March 2010

MOSIing Along

We had breakfast at the hotel today. Alan had coffee and proclaimed it good. I had tea. While we sipped, Alan read the local paper and I did the puzzles. The Tampa Tribune daily paper has at least 3 crossword puzzles, 2 cryptograms, a Jumble-like thing and a Sudoku. You think people there spend a lot of time doing what we were doing?

I was just getting ready to start the 3rd crossword when I suddenly started to feel nauseous. I sat for a minute to see if it would pass and when it was clear it wouldn’t I went to find a bathroom. No idea what that was all about but I right as rain afterward and for the rest of the trip.

We went back to the room, had cereal then stopped by the concierge desk to ask about the Museum of Science and Industry that I’d read about on the ‘net. She told us it’s in Tampa, which is why I couldn’t find anything in the St Petersburg phone book. We headed out and arrived there about 50 minutes later.

The big deal at the MOSI was a DaVinci exhibit. It was fabulous. We spent almost all of our time there in that one exhibit. Looking at his inventions, it’s no wonder a lot of them didn’t actually work…had he ever tried to build them…but the ideas he had were innovative. His emergency temporary bridge was genius. There were also several short films about various parts of his life…painting The Last Supper, his relationship with his patrons, examples of his experiments and codices, etc. What a man and life!

We briefly looked at some of the other exhibits but they weren’t anywhere near as interesting.
On our way back to St Pete Beach, we stopped for mochas at a mall and decided not to stop at The Pier in St Petersburg or the disc golf course.

We chilled in the room briefly then went for one last walk on the beach before heading out to meet with Alan’s nephew and family. The beach was still very windy but it was partly sunny so it wasn’t completely bone-chilling. The interesting thing about the walk was the string of these little fish-egg looking things. Maybe they were eggs…maybe they were plant parts. I have no idea but there were probably millions of them in an almost unbroken line at the high-water mark on shore.

Egg things on the beach.