19 March 2010

The Dream

This is the dream I had the night I woke Alan up yelling. Apropos of not much, if you’re curious about that sort of thing, here ‘tis.

It was similar to a Twilight Zone episode Alan and I saw in the last year or so. It was one that starred William Shatner as a man just recovering from a nervous breakdown. He’s flying in a heavy rain storm on a long flight and has a window seat.

All’s well until he looks out the window and sees a hairy creature on the wing…basically man-shaped but hairy all over, like a small Wookie. He sees it several times and calls it to the attention of flight attendants and his wife but, of course, by the time they look, it’s gone. Eventually, they lose patience with him so he quits mentioning it but then he sees it opening the engine compartments and pulling out wires and suchlike. By then, he’s frantic…he’s afraid the plane will crash but no one will listen to him, again, about the thing on the wing.

In my dream, William Shatner was also worried about a creature. He, I, and a number of other people were at some sort of estate with a large building(s) in a clearing surrounded by trees. There was a bonfire over by the tree line in one corner which is where we were. William was warning us all about the creature and how we had to prepare…we needed bright and flashing lights. I took him all the lights I had…my camping headlamp, a penlight and a couple of flashing things I had designed for joggers. He said, no, those weren’t bright enough, we needed BRIGHT lights. I went to the house to see what else I could find. The door was all panels of beveled glass and the wall around it was all beveled glass panels as well. The door was locked so I rang the doorbell. As I did that, I looked to the right and saw 3 of the creatures at the tree line. They were smaller and thinner than the one on Twilight Zone and I paid no attention to the 2 on the left. The one on the right was The One we had to be concerned about. I turned to yell at it the way I used to do with farm dogs as a kid if I’d be walking or riding a bike past the place and they came charging out. I tried to yell, “Go away! You go away!” but my mouth wouldn’t work right and it came out sounding like gibberish.

That’s when Alan woke me up.