19 March 2010

License Plates

I started to notice license plates shortly after we got there in a couple of respects.

One was the places that they were from. I saw plates from almost every state east of the Mississippi river. The most remote were from Texas and Michigan.

I also saw a number of Canadian plates from Ontario and one from Brunswick.

The most surprising plate was from Romania. It was on the front of a car parked in our hotel lot. I walked around to the back to see if it had a Romania plate there, too. It didn’t…standard Florida issue.

Speaking of Florida issue…I have no idea how many plate designs Florida has but I saw a bunch with animals: puma, marlin, sea turtle, barracuda, tropical reef fish, dolphin, and manatee. Standard issue must be oranges. There were also some sports team pennants in team colors, one with stick figure kids in bright colors and one solid pale green plate with dark green numbers. That's at least 12...

Romanian license plate on car in the parking lot.