05 July 2015

California, here we come!

Karen and John picked us up at 5pm for dinner at the Iron Horse restaurant in Osceola before taking us to the train station. Our train was due to leave Osceola around 7:30 so we had plenty of time, even with the 45-minute drive.

By the time dinner was done, according to the tracker app on my phone, our train was going to be 16 minutes late. The train actually arrived at 9:08 and departed at 9:12pm. When they say to be out on the platform in your assigned position and ready to move, they aren't kidding!

Our car attendant, Craig, met us at the door and directed us to our roomette and told us that if we wanted dinner we needed to go directly to the dining car as they were about to close service for the evening. We'd just finished dinner a couple hours previously so we weren't hungry but, hey, it was included in the ticket so we went to check it out.

We sat with Dave, a veteran train traveler who gave us advice about train travel...specifically, tipping.

Craig made up our beds...the seats convert to the bottom bunk and the top bunk folds down from above...and we snuggled on the bottom bunk for a while, watching the occasional fireworks in the distance from small-town holiday celebrations and some lightning, followed by rain.

Arriving at the station in time for our departure.
Karen and John waiting with us at the station.
Waiting as the train rolled in. The group up there is for the coach section. We were standing with the sleeper section people.
Half of our roomette in the seat configuration with the upper bunk stowed.