13 July 2015

Big Basin Redwoods

For breakfast, I peeled and ate one of the cactus fruits I bought yesterday in Chinatown. The flesh was really red and full of small, hard seeds. It had the consistency of a soft kiwi, very juicy and kind of bland tasting. The seeds can either be spit out or swallowed but you could break a tooth if you tried to chew them. Al said it tasted like cucumber (which he doesn't like). I thought it was sweeter and fruitier than that but it's not a fave.

We had breakfast and then went to Lucky to get lunch for our day at Big Basin Redwoods. We got another super sub, a bag of pretzel twists and snack pack of hummus and pretzel chips. Back home, we cut the sandwich into quarters, packed our picnic lunch, then headed to Big Basin. It's a state park about 25 miles away but the road is so windy and slow that it takes about an hour to get there.

On arrival, we paid the park entrance fee and got a map as well as info on where a good picnic spot would be. We found a nice spot and started eating until we got swarmed by bees going after our food. We mostly ate walking around because they didn't bother us nearly so much that way.

After lunch we did the Redwood loop trail to see "lots of big redwoods". It was .6 miles and lovely. Then we asked about the shortest hike to a waterfall. We took the Sequoia trail to Semperlireus Falls, 1.7miles each way. It was also a lovely walk, although the waterfall was more of a trickle.

We walked back to our car and drove home, showered and reheated our leftovers from Fontana's for supper. After eating, we ended up sitting in the kitchen and chatting with Linda as she whipped up a pot of soup. Then we moved out to the garden where we sipped wine, chatted and watched the hummingbirds until dusk and mosquitoes drove us indoors. Then we sat in the living room and chatted until Linda needed to get organized for her workday tomorrow.

We retired to our room and watched and episode of Firefly while I knitted.