11 September 2002

Austria/France 2002 - Wednesday

Greg and Delinda left for an early morning flight back to the U.S. R&A training for me in the office. Ana and Heinz left for home after class so there was just Anke and me left for the evening. We went back to the hotel then asked at the front desk about a place to go for a walk. Of course, the golf course is off limits and the hotel is not in an area with sidewalks or bike trails. We asked about walking to the river and the guy acted like we were insane...it would be a 30-40 minute walk, he said. We're thinking, "Cool! That's a nice walk."

So we head out an eventually find our way to the river (only about 20 minutes) then follow a mountain bike trail through the woods along the river until it came out onto a highway. We turned around and went back toward the hotel, taking several detours and side trips along the way. It was a very pleasant walk, especially after so much sitting and eating for 2 weeks. All in all, we were out walking for about an hour and a half. We didn't tell the guy at the front desk about our journey...he obviously would not have approved.

We ate supper on the terrace at the hotel then called it a night. I had an early plane the next day.