07 September 2002

Austria/France 2002 - Saturday

We caught our early flight to Toulouse via Frankfort. Because we were flying Lufthansa, we were allowed only one carryon item...period. None of this one carryon plus a personal item deal. Which presented us with a dilemma...we had this case of wine (which couldn't be checked because of its fagility) and we all had laptops (which also couldn't be checked because of fragility and the cargo hold temperatures) and Delinda's carryon bag with emergency clothes and the like in case her checked bag didn't arrive (again)...leaving us with 5 items to carry on between the 3 of us. Lufthansa was extremely inflexible on this point. We ended up putting my laptop in Greg's laptop bag (I carried them), my laptop bag in Greg's suitcase, Greg carried the wine case and Delinda just had to check her carryon.

Everything arrived in good order and we got a shuttle to the Latitudes Hoetl (about 10 minutes from the airport). Greg wanted to chill with his book and Delinda and I wanted to go to Toulouse for lunch and sight-seeing so we left him in the lobby and we caught a taxi. I had the taxi drop us at Wilson Place (31 Euros) so I could get more of the tea I got there last time. I got 300g of "Mysterious."

Then we wandered on to the capitol. Unfortunately, there was a wedding party in the main hall so we couldn't wander through the exhibits. We decided to walk down to the basilica at St Sernin. We wanted to go inside but there was a wedding party there and we didn't want to intrude. Actually, it was the same wedding party. But they didn't seem to be actually having a service or anything...it was the strangest thing. We were afraid they would think we were party-crashers or stalkers or something because we seemed to be following them everywhere. And in our shorts and Ts we really stuck out amid all the finery.

We wandered on and got some money from an ATM then set about trying to find someplace to eat at one of the little cafes on the square looking across to the Capitol but in France it's absolutely impossible to get a meal before 7:30 or 8pm. We could sit at the cafe and have coffee and ice cream but no real food. it was about 5:30. We finally found a little street vendor sort of place selling tabouleh and kabobs so we ate that.

We walked around a little more after than then decided to call it an early day for a change. We walked back to Wilson Place because there was a taxi stand there. We flagged one down and went back to the hotel (21 Euros...one wonders why there was a 10-Euro difference between essentially identical trips...).