27 August 2011

Heading to El Salvador - Day 1

Got up at 4:45am, showered, dressed and headed to the airport. Nancy was already there and in line to get her boarding pass. I used the kiosk machine to print mine; I'd checked in on-line yesterday and got my seat assignments.

I hugged Al goodbye and headed to security.

The detector beeped as I went through and the security agent told me that wasn't for metal, I'd been selected for additional screening and stepped aside to have my palms wiped with a little piece of fabric that was then analyzed in a machine. Whatever they were looking for, I passed.

In Houston, I got a breakfast burrito, a scone and some hot tea.

At the gate I started my knitting project for the week. After a while, I noticed that the destination posted had changed...and not to San Salvador. Nancy went to check the monitors found our gate had moved so we picked up our stuff and went there. I knitted some more.

When it was closer to boarding, I went to stand by the boarding area...there's only so much sitting I can do at one time. There was a brochure display and a small girl...walking but not talking...and the girl was having a high time pulling the brochures out of their pockets and handing them to her mother and an older women next to her. The mother would get up occasionally and put the brochures back.

Then the girl started handing them to me, smiling hugely. Mom would rush over and apologize and try to distract the girl with something else. I told her there was no problem, the girl was keeping occupied. She was so focused, she just wouldn't be distracted, no matter what the mom tried.

On the plane to El Salvador, I had an aisle seat next to an older woman and a teen aged girl. Not too long after I sat down, the woman started looking for something and got progressively more frantic. I asked what she was looking for and it was her passport and travel documents.

She looked through her purse; I checked the seat pocket in front of her. We were in the process of getting out of our seats to check below when I saw an envelope kind of thing that has slid between her seat and mine. She was SOOOO relieved. I can relate, after having lost my passport on a flight to Germany once.

I started knitting again until lunch was served. By then I'd gotten to the thumb gusset of the mitten and decided to switch to puzzles for a while.

We arrived in San Salvador and Kathy met us outside the airport. On the way to Berlin, we stopped at a gas station for snacks, drinks and gas (for the truck). I got a 600ml bottle of pop for 65 cents, a bag of suspiros (a cookie that’s a lot like a lady finger…very light, crispy and tasty) for $1.85.

Gas in El Salvador is generally 50-cents higher that whatever we're paying here.
In Santiago de María, closer to Berlín, Kathy got cash from an ATM while in company. We also got some special cookie things at a bakery there that can't be gotten anywhere else. They reminded me of the pie crust things my mom used to make…only without cinnamon.
The baker in Santiago de Maria
Baked goods for sale in Santiago de Maria
Cecilia, Blanca and Idalia were at the Casa. We met Chiquita, Alisha's conure, that someone in a community gave her. She makes kissy noises when kissing you and can wolf-whistle.
Getting acquainted with Chiquita the conure