13 July 2009

BW Trip Day 8 - Homeward bound

I woke at 3:20 (50 degrees) and decided I needed to head to the latrine. I considered trying to hold out until morning but knew I'd sleep better if I got up and took care of it.

The moon was only half there but it was enough to make shadows. I didn't need my headlamp until I got onto the trail to the latrine. Back at the tent, I stood outside for a while looking at the stars. Venus was bright enough to leave a light trail on the surface of the water. I've never seen anything but the sun or moon do that.

We got up at 6. My plan to not hold out for dawn was a good one. We were on the water around 6:55 and hit the takeout about 7:45. True to form, we took a wrong turn on Lake One again.

It was warm enough I shed the longies before paddling. It's amazing how the temperature can change.

(Mark, Luis, Kara, Storm (behind) and me when we got off the water.) When our pick-up arrived, the driver got out of the van with what looked like an oversized bobber and set it on the ground and stepped away saying, "There's cold pop in there." He was smart to step away first...after a week of nothing cold to drink we all descended on the cans like a storm of locusts.

Check out at the outfitter was super simple. We just piled packs and gear in the designated corner and that was it. Mark asked the guy about inventory and he just sort of shrugged and said, "We get back what we get back."
We hit the road for home around 10. Kara had brought the remaining package of granola and we shared it around the car since none of us had had breakfast yet but it was kind of dry without liquid.

We stopped for food at a McDonalds on the way but otherwise we drove pretty much straight home, only stopping for gas or rest areas. We parted company at the Ankeny rest area again where Alan picked me up.

The end of the adventure.