29 July 2008

Heading Home

We didn't have to have the rental car back until 11am and our plane wasn't due to take off until several hours after that so we didn't have a hurried last-morning.

We stopped by the hotel to check out and give Marta a little something for her schooling as well as a tatted heart I made for her. We chatted for quite a while...I don't think any of the other guests had bothered to ask her about herself. She told us about her travel plans when she finishes at the hotel and before she heads back to Poland.

We headed back to Seredipity for the last time and had breakfast...cleaning out the fridge and cupboard. It was kind of an eclectic meal with cereal, leftover pizza/cioppino and Cherry Garcia ice cream.

We loaded up and headed toward the airport, retracing our path from Saturday by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. We returned the car and took the shuttle to the airport. We had to shuffle flights as something happened to our scheduled one. We ended up flying home through LA instead of Denver and getting home an hour later than originally planned.

When we got home we pretty much just fell into bed...it'd been a long day but an absolutely fabulous trip!