31 August 1997

The day after Hell

Technically, this day isn't part of the trip, but, hey, it got to be a lot better than that trip home. I slept for about 12 hours the night before and was feeling a LOT better. Not perfect, but way better.

Late morning, BK brought Callisto home and by mid-afternoon I was feeling well enough for a very slow walk to Walgreens to drop off my vacation film to be developed. It turns out they were having a special and I could get One-Hour developing for the price of regular so I did and had my pictures back later that day.

It was great to relive all the wonderful moments...sunsets and orcas, beaches and kites and wildlife and friends and family... right then. That food poisoning stuff was fast becoming a memory surplanted by all the others. It had been a glorious trip!